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When do I get my life back?​
Fibromyalgia is a frustrating collection of confusing symptoms that come and go and vary in intensity.  The most common symptoms are muscle pain and fatigue.  The causes of fibromyalgia are unknown, but fibromyalgia affects as many as 1 in 50 Americans.  Most people with fibromyalgia are women, but men and children can also have the disorder.  Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose because there is no lab test for fibromyalgia and many of the symptoms are like those of other disorders.

There are no effective conventional medical treatments for fibromyalgia at this time.  Traditional treatments aim at reducing pain and improving the quality of sleep.   An approach using a variety of treatments has provided the greatest relief from symptoms.  But despite multiple medications, diets, supplements and special exercise programs, most fibro patients do not feel very much better.  And often the side effects of the medications can be as debilitating as the illness.  (There is no medication approved to specifically treat fibromyalgia.  Doctors treat it with medicines approved for other purposes, such as pain and depression.)   Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia endure depression, insomnia, IBS, migraine headaches and even confusion, referred to ' fibro fog'.

While fibromyalgia is not life threatening, it is life changing.  Long-standing illness takes its' toll not only on the body, but also on the mind and spirit.  Anxiety, discouragement and depression  are common consequences of dealing with chronic pain.  And often job loss, financial problems and family stress become part of the picture.

Here's some good news: Research studies published in the Journal of Rheumatology confirmed that patients using hypnotherapy had an almost 2:1 improvement in pain relief, improved sleep patterns, and increased energy compared to those using medication and physical therapy alone.  In addition, at a six month re-check, the hypnotherapy group had maintained their symptom improvements while the other group had not.

For those not familiar with the field of hypnosis, this may appear incredible.  But it’s definitely not magic. 

Hypnotherapy is a set of scientifically proven techniques to train your mind to do what you want.  The body is really an extension of your mind and your feelings.  One way of saying this is that our bodies are a reflection of our minds and emotions. 

The success achieved through hypnosis can be startling.  The unconscious mind systematically begins programming how our bodies function as soon as we are born. After a short time, the programs of our autonomic nervous system are set.  Then, it’s almost as if they are on auto-pilot for the rest of our lives.  Fibromyalgia is a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

You can  better understand how this works by comparing your autonomic nervous system to your car.

Say you are cruising down the street one day, when suddenly you hit a pot hole that knocks your wheels out of alignment.  It may not even have been that noticeable in the beginning.  Maybe you notice that your car pulls a little to one side or the other. Or it no longer stops straight when you brake.  But after a few more pot holes, the misalignment becomes so bad that the car begins to shake

Your tires begin to wear unevenly. The brakes wear out prematurely. Finally, nuts and bolts come loose.  These are all symptoms of the misalignment.  They are due to the misalignment, but they are not the misalignment itself.  

You can replace the tires and brakes.  You can have the nuts and bolts tightened.  But until you realign the wheels, the car will still malfunction and these measures will only be a temporary band-aid.  And, the misalignment may continue to worsen with every minor pot hole and bump you hit.

But when you have the wheels realigned, the symptoms go away and the care drives normally once again.

A similar thing happens with your autonomic nervous system.   It was trained (aligned)  when you were an infant. Then, you were  just going about your business when you hit one of those pot holes of life.  It may have been a big pot hole. Or it may have been a series of little pot holes.  But something in the autonomic nervous system got knocked out of alignment and began to malfunction.

You can take medicine (replace the tires).  You can tighten the nuts and bolts (surgery).  You can do all manner of things to try and repair the damage.  But until you realign the autonomic nervous system, the misalignment will continue. 

If the unconscious mind programmed the autonomic nervous system to function properly in the first place, it seems logical that the unconscious mind can reprogram it to function properly again..  This is exactly what hypnotherapy does.   It asks the unconscious mind to realign the muscles, nerves and systems of the body to function normally again.  Basically, you are asking the unconscious mind to do neuro-muscular retraining of the muscles, nerves and systems of the body…. retraining and reprogramming them to function properly once gain.

When they are re-trained (realigned) the symptoms go away and do not come back. The good news is that almost every client will return to a higher, more comfortable level of functioning.   And many will become and remain symptom free.  Hypnotherapy and other techniques that work with the unconscious mind are safe, non-invasive ways to ease pain and stiffness, boost energy, restore sleep without drugs, improve concentration and release fear and tension. 

Hypnotherapy should be used as a compliment to your physician’s treatment.  To find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you live a happier, more energetic life, please call 847-534-7991.