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Mind & Body Care​ 

For many of us, finding our inner child is like finding home for the first time.​
Most of us are aware that somewhere deep within us is a storehouse of leftover emotions such as fear, sadness and guilt. This is because we first see the world through the eyes of a little child, and that child remains within us throughout our life.  No matter how big we grow or how powerful we become, if our vulnerable child was hurt, abandoned, shamed or neglected… that child’s pain, grief and anger live on as a “program” within us.  These emotional wounds from the past are unavoidable.

As children our minds are highly suggestible….like soft clay. Our minds are not yet made up about the world or ourselves.  When we meet this little child through the process of imagery, we can stop being so critical of ourselves, realizing that the child had to do things the way s/he did them because s/he did not have the resources to do otherwise.  With each troubling event in childhood, we reacted with a child’s emotions and drew some child-like conclusions about ourselves.  Until examined and addressed, these conclusions and their associated emotions remain as a program stored within our subconscious in a place that has no concept of the passage of time.

It is vital to understand that although we did not consciously create the mess we have inherited, we are the ones who now must do something to heal it. The most amazing rewards about doing inner child work are the speed with which people change, the depth of that change and the long lasting permanence of those changes.  An added bonus is the strong and creative person that emerges when wounds from the past have healed. 

There is a part of each of us capable of being a loving parent to the rest of us…even the most wounded or damaged parts. There is a loving part of us that can let the child know things have changed and to give the child the message  “You are okay with me. I’m here for you and what you are feeling is okay with me.”

Even painful memories and traumatizing events can be resolved using safe, non-threatening tools such as EFT and guided imagery, You can reverse the limiting beliefs and restrictive programming left over from childhood.

Make a choice to re-connect with your child within and call today for more information.

Inner Child