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Take Control
Has your life been turned upside down by pain for which there seems to be no cure?  Perhaps not even a diagnosis?  Pain is necessary and important.  Without it you would not know when you were sick or injured. 

To understand what the message of your pain is, you must seek a medical diagnosis.

But once your pain signal has been properly investigated, it has served its purpose.  If you’ve been suffering with pain for more than six months, then your pain has become chronic. 

You are not alone!  Pain medications are the second most prescribed drugs in our country.  Chronic pain costs the nation’s economy an estimated $60 billion annually.  Its cost in terms of human suffering is incalculable. 

If a mysterious new flu virus were expected to infect millions of Americans and cost billions of dollars in medical expenses and lost wages, a public outcry would be launched immediately. Yet our health care system has only recently begun to respond to the problem of chronic pain and, sadly, the sophisticated pharmacological approaches that have proven successful for temporary pain are proving ineffective for controlling long-term pain.

When medications fail, patients are often told,  “Nothing more can be done.  You’ll have to learn to live with it.”

Chronic pain wears you out and adds to the stress in life. It can alienate you from family and friends, deprive you of fun or income and increase your risk of developing depression, anxiety or substance abuse.  

People start out trying to shut out the pain and end up shutting off the anger, sadness and frustration associated with the pain.  Pretty soon they end up shutting off all their feelings as they widen the “net” trying to avoid feelings associated with the pain.   This creates a situation where they unknowingly don’t even allow themselves to feel good.

Stress and pain often feed on each other…it becomes a vicious cycle.  Pain causes stress….stress causes pain.  More pain causes more stress…which causes more pain….and so the cycle continues.  But, no matter how bad things are, you can reverse this cycle and take control of your life again.

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are proven mind-body techniques that are easy and pleasurable to use.  The human imagination….that part of our hearts and minds that can picture and sense images and feelings….is one of the most potent health resources we have available to us.  By using the power of the mind, we can create a physical response in our bodies to relax our muscles, stimulate (or depress) our immune system, reduce pain, accelerate healing and much more.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) often provides startling relief where nothing else seems to work.

The relief from symptoms is usually immediate and there appears to be no negative side effects.  In addition, EFT is easy to apply, takes very little time and, unlike drugs, is not habit forming!

These techniques go beyond the physical and deal with the cycle of stress, anxiety, tension, symptoms and disease.

The bottom line is you CAN do something about your pain.