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Mind & Body Care​ 

Restore Your Confidence & So Much More
Very early in life each of us received messages that determined what we thought about ourselves and the people around us. Unfortunately, many of the messages were negative… even though they may have been well intentioned. We can think of these ideas as “programming.” that is stored permanently in our mind.

As we grew up this programming influenced every aspect of our lives. We may realize that we hold negative ideas about ourselves. We may even know where they came from. But when we try to convince ourselves that these convictions might be inaccurate, it just doesn’t work. No matter how long we argue with ourselves we still end up feeling the same way.

The reason for this is that the programming is stored in the feeling part of our brain, not in the logical, thinking part. Talking logically to ourselves will not and cannot change the programming that does not reside there.

Getting in touch with an emotion attached to the early messages will move us to the feeling part of our brain and make access to the programming available. Emotions can be thought of as wires that lead to the programming while talking to your logical, rational mind to change the programming is like typing on your keyboard without the computer plugged in. 

Hypnosis, Guided Imagery and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are powerful tools that provide easy and immediate access to early programming that needs to be updated. The results are amazingly positive and long-lasting. The “real” you is a magnificent, unique being with enormous potential and capacity for experiencing love of yourself and extending love to others. As you amend faulty, old programming the “real” you will emerge. You will feel more comfortable taking risks and allowing yourself to make a mistake. You will be less concerned with obtaining approval from others. Your relationships will be much more rewarding and you will feel confident in pursuing activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. Most importantly, when you’re alone you will truly appreciate the person you’re with….yourself.