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Skin Tag Removal

What Are Skin Tags?
Have you noticed tiny growths of skin? This outpouching of skin is called a "skin tag." Benign, painless, but annoying, these growths of skin are connected to the underlying skin by a thin stalk and can develop around the neck, eyelids, chest, and underarms. They typically form around areas of friction such as clothing rubbing against skin or in skin creases.

Skin tags develop over time and are not present at birth. Studies have shown that skin tags can "run in the family" with individuals having a genetic predisposition for the development of these soft, wart-like growths. It is estimated that 25% of adults can be observed with skin tags.

Skin Tag Removal

While harmless, skin tags can be unsightly. There's a natural tendency to want to scratch them off but it's generally not a good solution. Doing so can cause scarring, infection, and they may even grow back. 

You don't have to be aggravated by your skin tags anymore. Mind & Body Care of Schaumburg offers a quick, affordable, pain-free solution to remove these tiny protruding annoyances. By first treating the area with prescription grade numbing cream, the skin tag is cauterized with precision and instantly removed. You will be provided with healing cream for aftercare and healing time is very quick with no scarring in most cases. Whether you've got one skin tag or several, we will work with you to make your skin tags disappear.